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What kind of restaurant are you?

We are a fast casual counter service restaurant, first come first served type of joint. We still offer an old school warm welcome and thanks for stopping in greeting to all who come. All meats are offered in 1/4 pound increments. Each ¼ pound comes with one slice of our honey potato bread and a few of our Kue’d custom pickles that we do in house. All homemade sides are offered from an individual, 6 ounce portion to by the gallon for any party event. We have limited dine in seating due to our size, but we always do our best to accommodate you. However, if small spaces are not your thing, we offer carryout available upon walk in or call ahead orders. Either way, we will get you served!

Why do you change your menu?
We change our menu every 4 months for multiple reasons. We strive to be dynamic and give our customers a new experience. Just like how it might get boring eating the same thing everyday, sometimes it can get that way making the same food everyday. Changing our menu not only benefits our customers by giving them something new to try, it also helps our team members look forward to new food items and helps build their food knowledge.
What kinds of sauce do you have?

The Next Big Thing is a traditional Kansas City sauce with a tomato base. It is going to be your sweet and mild option.

The Hog Sauce, originally named “$100,000 Hog Sauce” is a Carolina style sauce with a sweet vinegar base. This sauce pairs very well with our pork options and is going to be another mild option.

The Sow Money is our sweet heat option. This sauce will have a buildup of heat and is around a 4-5 on a 10 point heat scale, depending on the individual’s taste/tolerance.

The Hillbilly Spit is our quick heat option. This sauce has a multitude of spices and is our hottest homemade sauce option at a 6-8 out of 10. Yes, we have actually had customers spit out the sauce due to the heat.

Due to COVID, we have our sauces pre portioned in small, to-go cups. The sweeter sauces are not marked, but the Sow will be marked with a “S” on the lid and the Hillbilly Spit will be marked with a “HS”.

What is popular? What do you recommend?

We don’t really have a favorite, as cliche as that sounds. On the other hand, we always suggest trying something new or asking one of our team members what their go-to is!

These are our popular meats and sides according to our customers:

Popular Meats: Brisket, Turkey, & Burnt Ends

Popular Sides: Mac & Cheese, BBQ Baked Beans, Corn Muffins & Honey Butter

Hidden Gem: Sliced Pork!!

Do you have any gluten free options?

Yes! All of our meat is gluten free and can come without bread. Our gluten free sides include: house chips and dip, BBQ beans, and creamy slaw. We try to keep most of our seasonal sides gluten free as well, but please ask when ordering if concerned. Seasonal desserts can be gluten free, but are not always available. Our team always sanitizes stations, touch points, and changes equipment/gloves when gluten allergy orders are placed.

Do you have french fries? Tater tots?
No, we do not have french fries or tater tots. We do have a homemade potato chip that comes with our version of a french onion style dip.
How many people does a pound of meat feed?

A pound of meat typically feeds 3-4 people but it depends on the person you are feeding (a four year old and a professional athlete are very different) and how hungry everyone is.

Can I buy just the pickles?

Of course! Our customers and staff love our pickles so much that we made them available for purchase! Sizes range from an “Extra” serving (3 ounce cup) all the way up to a gallon.

What is the bread?

The bread that comes will all orders is a sliced, honey potato bread. Our bread is a thicker, better quality bread compared to white bread and is not toasted due to our limited space. The reason why we have sliced bread compared to buns is relative to the owners’ backgrounds. They come from old school families, so they used sliced bread as buns for their burgers, hot dogs, etc.

How long do you smoke your meats? What wood do you use?
The smoking times differ depending on the meat. Our brisket, burnt ends, and pork butts take 12-18 hours, the ribs take 4-5 hours, and our chicken, sausage, and turkey take 2-3 hours. We use cherry wood instead of traditional hickory because we prefer a more mild smoke to our meats and understand that not everyone likes a strong, smokey flavor.